King Crimson – Sailor’s Tale (Filtered Remix Stems)

30 MB
A minor
King Crimson


All tracks isolated and extracted by: Brady Arnold using varying degrees of phase cancellation, and filtration. Track 1: Drums and Bass was sourced from both the 5.1 mix and the alternate version which contained added flute and piano. I did not wish to add these additional elements but the Alternate version contained drums and bass which were the loudest above the other instruments and therefore more isolated. At various times the edit is set to switch between the two sources for the most isolated variant of drums and bass possible. Track 2: Guitar was sourced from the 5.1 mix and partly from the Alternate mix. Track 3: Saxophone was sourced partly from the center channel of the 5.1 mix, and partly from other channels phased against each other. Track 4: Guitar and Horn Layers was sourced from various channels of the 5.1 mix. Track 5: Mellotron Three Violin was sourced by taking two of the five channels and phasing them against each other to further isolate unwanted tracks. Two passes were made, and the second had a slight time alignment offset (by only a couple of samples!) to further isolate unwanted tracks. Both results were then panned L and R in hard stereo and further filter eq was applied to eliminate cymbal bleed etc. Track 6: Mellotron Half Speed Brass simply came from the center channel of the 5.1 so it was already isolated

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