Samplifire - Sigurd (Remix Stems)

Bb minor


  • 01.11.2021


What are the prizesπŸ†?
  • 17 winners will have their remix released on an official Disciple compilation and receive some cool Disciple merch! πŸ”₯
  • The BEST 3 remixes from the 17 winners will also receive awesome prizes from our partners!! 😱
1st Place πŸ†2nd Place πŸ†3rd Place πŸ†


  • You may remix and enter the competition as many times as you wish with as many multiple remixes for different tracks as you wish. It is possible for more than one of your remixes to be chosen as winning tracks but highly unlikely.
  • Anyone may enter the remix competition. This means that if Skrillex and Daft Punk decide to enter at the last minute then you’re probably doomed.
  • The winning remix for each track will be chosen by the artist(s) who produced the track no later than November 1st PDT so make sure your remix is posted to the internet well before the due date!
  • The winning remixes will be announced via the Disciple and artist social pages shortly after November 1st.
  • The winning remixes will be compiled into a compilation album and released through Disciple. This will be a full, proper Disciple release and you will receive your due share of the remixer royalties at industry standard rates and some cool merch. The 3 best remixes will also receive Disciple merch items on top of one of many prizes to be won that can be found on this page.
  • Once completed, feel free to upload your remix(es) to Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and any other streaming platform that DOES NOT generate income in a way that is classed as an β€˜Online store’ such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Beatport etc. When you do upload your remix to the internet, use the hashtag #DiscipleRemixComp2
  • If you do upload your track to what is considered an β€˜online store’ your remix entry will be disqualified and your remix will be removed from the internet
  • Once your remix has been posted to the internet, then it’s time to post it everywhere! If you remix is good enough, then your play count should rise quite rapidly and naturally as great music tends to gain it’s own attention. Tag the artist you have remixed for on as many uploads of your remix as possible as they will be listening to every single entry.
  • Even though all allowed upload platforms are valid, Twitter and the Disciple Family Facebook group is probably where you’re going to gain the most attention for your remix. If you have not joined the Disciple Family Facebook group yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! πŸ˜€ Join the group via the link below and make sure you post your remix(es) in there! πŸ‘‰
  • Have you thought strategically about bettering your chances of winning the competition? Everyone tends to have their sights set on remixing for their favorite artist but maybe you should also consider remixing for a lesser known track to maximise your chances of winning as well? Remember as stated above, you may remix and enter as many times as you please


  • Upload your remix to Soundcloud/Youtube/Instagram/Twitter using the hashtag #DiscipleRemixComp2 and post it in the Disciple Family facebook group πŸ‘‰ here
  • Full rules can be found πŸ‘‰Β here or in the READ ME file included with the stems.

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